Investing in talent is the most sustainable approach to a successful team.

Mploy Associates helps organisations build successful teams by connecting, developing, and retaining talents. This is what we call a talent focused approach. Our approach.

We provide a long-term influx of scarce capabilities and skills through junior consultants in the areas of data, finance and risk. People who perfectly match your needs and are eager to excel. Who work and become part of your team after successful graduation in our Talent Programs.

When seniority is key, we have experienced medior and senior interim professionals available for short-term assignments to boost your data, finance or risk related team in the right direction.

Smart, sparkling, innovative people with the latest, razor-sharp skills. Skills and personalities that add value to your organisation. With full commitment and ownership. Forming an unique and successful team.

Our Services

The building blocks of a successful team

Business Scan

We measure and evaluate the current skills, personality traits and employee engagement in your team. Combined with your project planning we develop a resource roadmap to fill present and prevent future skill and personality gaps. Development, coaching and intervision solutions will be assessed to improve employee engagement.

Coaching Solutions

We provide several coaching solutions to help organizations build happier, healthier, more-fulfilled workforces. Backed by scientific studies, we are able to give your teammates the tools they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives. When your employees bring that drive back to work, they make a stronger team. A team with full commitment and ownership.

Talent Development

Your hired professionals are enrolled in one of our Talent Programs where they are trained to a medior level in personal, professional and technical areas. This is done through intense coaching and training under the guidance of a Talent Manager. This way we do not only guarantee a fast development pace but also lasting impact.

Interim Solutions

When seniority is key, we deploy experienced medior and senior interim professionals on short-term assignments to facilitate your team with the right skills and knowledge. We also offer development courses for our interim professionals. This short-term influx of scarce capabilities elevates your team performance and gives your team the boost to stay successful.

How we do it

The road towards a successful team

Business Scan

After understanding the position of your team within the organisation we start the talent journey by performing a business scan where we measure and evaluate the current skills, personality traits and employee engagement in your team.

Leveraging on existing management information and project plans we develop a resource roadmap to fill present and prevent future skill and personality gaps. Hence, development, coaching and intervision solutions will be assessed to improve employee engagement where needed.

Together we select talent engagement solutions and develop job profiles to have a detailed plan of approach for a successful team.


Based on jointly developed job profiles we introduce professionals that are a match on the personal, professional and technical traits as discussed in the previous step of the process. We strive to match the perfect profiles within 5 days.

We apply a talent first approach, meaning that in the search for talent we do not stick with geographic boundaries what has resulted in more than 15 different nationalities working for us. Junior, medior as well as senior professional. To hire unbiased as possible, we use advanced technology to select high potentials with at least one Master of PhD degree and different personal, professional and technical skills.

Because of this approach, we have a continuously up-to-date Talent Pool which allows us to introduce suitable professionals within 5 working days after your job profile approval. We are proud to say that as per today we have a delivery reliability of more than 90%.


After hiring the right match, the onboarding starts. As several studies have shown that well-prepared onboarding trajectories contribute significantly to employee performance, we make sure that our people rock in your team.

Thanks to our optimized preboarding and employment screening procedures, our professionals can start within a few working days in your team, depending on your preferences. We ensure a healthy working environment, whether that is at your office, our office or at home. Due to an intensive onboarding trajectory, we make sure our talents understand your team, work environment, stakeholder field, common definitions, and team responsibilities within a few weeks.

By providing several industry related courses, your new teammates will understand your business and work field in detail. Also possible skill gaps that are needed for fast onboarding in your team will be closed by technical related course where progress is closely monitored by our Talent Managers. Main goal: an optimal onboarding experience to achieve an optimal team performance.


When everybody is up and running in your team, the junior and medior talents are enrolled in our Talent Programs to enhance employee engagement and ensure the possible (future) gaps in your team will be filled effectively.

Our Talent programs are focused on three areas of development: personal, professional and technical.  Personal development involves individual coaching by certified coaches and intervision sessions in peer groups. Professional development elevates the skills needed to carry out one’s role as effectively as possible (e.g., presentation skills, agile working, conflict management, etc.). Technical development focuses on bringing coding and content related skills to an advanced level.

As several studies have shown, targeted hiring, coaching and development strategies are the best way to make teams successful and close (future) skill and engagement gaps. By spending at least 10% per week on preset development goals we are proud to say that our talents show significantly higher performance growth and employee engagement which enables you to make your team more successful.


Besides developing your newly hired junior and medior talents, we help you build happier, healthier, more-fulfilled workforces, by giving your current employees the tools they need to thrive in all aspects of their lives. We do this by coaching and intervision methods.

Making your team successful is not a result of a one-size-fits-all solution. For your current employees we architect impactful coaching and intervision programs that fit into the way you do business. As your people then bring their newly learned skills and behaviors back to their team, a culture of collaboration and growth will become standard.

Combined with the Talent Programs for your newly hired, it has been shown that personalized coaching and intervision trajectories increase productivity, increase team performance, increase revenue growth and reduce burnouts. This is how we make your team successful. Talent focused.

Talent focused.

success stories

Finance Teams

At one of our clients, the Accounting & Reporting team has become future-proof thanks to our Finance Experts. After an intensive introduction period, they became responsible for the daily closing of all market products and financial instruments of the client (including shares, options, swaps, etc.).
Together with the team, the reporting processes have been automated and real-time visualisations were developed in SAS and Power BI. The measured skill gaps have been closed and the team is now ready to take the next automation step.

Data Teams

For one of the largest Dutch asset managers, our Data Managers have taken the necessary steps to continue to comply with GIPS regulations. For example, the team has been expanded with Talents who have the right skills to verify, timely deliver and supplement the necessary internal and external reports. Today, our colleagues are constantly setting the right standards, establishing data requirements and setting up cross-departmental projects to analyse and present the data even more efficiently.

Modelling Teams

Some of our Quant Modellers are responsible for the development and monitoring of various risk models at large banking clients. Due to their knowledge of advanced modelling techniques, these risk models are nowadays used to determine the loss buffers of the bank. By targeted training and coaching the talents use their full potential which resulted in relatively quick promotions to key positions.  Hence, nowadays the teams are fully prepped to incorporate future regulatory requirements into risk models.

Engineering Teams

In order to detect money laundering and terrorist financing at an early stage, our Data Experts have provided the necessary technical skills to help banking client teams take a step forward. As a result, our clients currently use the most modern data storage solutions in Azure or AWS and advanced detection methods are being developed in Scala, Spark and SAS. In addition to filling foreseen professional and technical skill gaps, the teams are now more motivated than ever.

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