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We do not have one, but two Talent Programs. For graduates and for those who finished a PhD. We aim to provide the best talent focused training facilities to help change the way our high-potentials build their careers so they can help our clients make lasting improvements. You can find more information about the programs below.

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Young talent Program

This program is for graduates and is aimed at training and coaching the next generation of leaders and professionals within the financial sector. At Mploy Associates we boost your knowledge and skills within 24 months to the maximum and give you all the guidance you need. So, we can help you to shape your dreams and career.

Young Talent Program

Post phd Program

Want to shift your academic career to a corporate career? Then our Post PhD program is definitely the thing you are looking for. In this program we focus on your gained knowledge and skills and take them to a senior level within 12 months.

Post PhD Program

Fen Liu

“Mploy Associates has been not only a coach but also a friend to me during the past working time, to me, it means I’m growing not only professionally but also mentally!”

Paulina koutsaki

“100% talent-focused! Their programs open up a world of opportunities for graduates. Their clients get the best talents out there who by the end of their program have the professional and personal skills needed to be absorbed within the company. Recommend to both employees and clients!”

Maria russy

“Mploy Associates brings together the words: opportunity, growth, and knowledge. It is a great place to start a professional career.”

shem katz

“Mploy associates is a great place to work. As an expat, it can be daunting trying to find a job in the Netherlands. They provided great support and have very good clients to help you find the perfect job. Furthermore, your professional development is personally tailored to the goals that you have.”

Nivedita Prasad

“Thanks to the Young Talent Program I started practicing mindfulness in work and personal life.”

Günsu Şahin

“Great place to start your career with people who really care about you, not just on a professional level but also on a personal level!”

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