what is a data manager

The main purpose of Data Managers is to oversee a company’s various data systems. They are responsible for organising, storing and analysing data as efficiently as possible, while always upholding agreed-upon security standards. Next to monitoring data quality and developing quality monitoring tools such as dashboards, you will provide solutions to guarantee the consistency and reliability of the data. We offer a challenging position as a data manager, but the Young Talent Program also offers you a personalised program in which you will learn both the technical and soft-skills required to develop yourself into an authentic high-end professional.

what are your activities?

Your work as a Data Manager is focused on understanding data flows and improving data quality. Your day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of data quality checks, development of data duality dashboards, and monitoring of data quality. You do this in Excel, Power BI or more advanced software if desired.
  • Doing research and documentation on data flows and data lineage
  • Researching the data sets and systems to find out how data quality issues arise
  • Performing trend analyses in financial data to guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the data
  • Preparing management reports and presentations to senior management regarding progress and data quality issues
  • Organising stakeholder meetings to discus and present the results and follow-up actions of the above mentioned work activities
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what are we looking for

We are looking for graduates with different data related backgrounds, experiences, and passions. To specify:

  • You have 0-3 years of work experience and want to learn everything about data and the processing of it
  • You want to put your data-related knowledge that you have gained during your master into practice (e.g., Information Sciences, Business Administration, Economics or another related study)
  • Experience or at least affinity with the processing of large data sets
  • You do not hesitate to use your analytical skills to solve complex problems creatively and logically
  • You enjoy working on a project basis and like to be involved in multiple projects at the same time
  • You are energised by stakeholder management and you are well adept at gathering reliable information
  • You are ambitious, self-reflective and dare to be confident in an authentic way
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What do we offer?

We offer the opportunity to become an expert in data analysis in an environment where we train you in a proven way to excel into a high-end professional. In addition, good working conditions are equally as important to us. This includes the following:

  • Working 4 days a week at a large bank or insurance company in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam or The Hague
  • One day a week in-house training with personalised and professional coaching
  • Regularly fun team activities with the other Young Talents; think of escape rooms, drinks and dinners
  • An international working environment with Young Talents from all over the world
  • Pro-deo YT projects at socially relevant NGOs
  • The opportunity to make the next career move with the client after successfully completing the Young Talent program
  • Everything you need for an amazing home office
  • And of course, a competitive salary, performance bonus and fringe benefits
  • And don’t forget a public transport card and a company public transport bicycle

How to prepare for an interview

Preparation is key. Make sure you take the time to analyze the job before your interview. This way you can prepare yourself and what you want to ask regarding the job. Reading the job description also helps to identify what the company is looking for in a candidate. When allowing yourself to think in advance you have a better start and chance to get through the first round, recruiters love it when you are prepared and most questions can be prepared in advance. For example, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

How to dress for an interview

A first impression says it all, so better dress like it! But dressing for job interviews is a lot more complicated than it used to be. What if you have an interview at a company where no one ever wears a suit? Therefore, always make sure to look at what type of company it's culture but never underdress. Even if you go for the full suit and tie, that will make a much better impression than an outfit that is too casual. So when in doubt, dress up a little bit extra than you normally would. When you look good, you feel good. And confidence is key!

How to survive your first day

First days are always a bit awkward, but they can also be very fun! Your colleagues might be new and very busy, but a fun little chat with a nice cup of coffee is always appreciated. So dare to ask, and make a couple of conversations to get to know each other. It is best to ask in advance if someone has the time of a cup of coffee straight away or maybe later during the day. If you feel less social and a bit overwhelmed, you can always prepare yourself for the work by reading some general documents including the company values and brand identity guidelines.

How to make your social media job-proof

Some companies love to stay in touch with their colleagues, it is a way to stay social and it can be very interesting to get to know your colleagues a bit better! But some pictures or video's are better off not to be put online. So how do you keep your social media professional and job-proof? Overall the rule is to think twice before you post. Is it appropriate for the public or maybe better to share it only with your best friends? Everybody drinks beer, so a picture of you enjoying one is great. However, after a couple of beers, you might want to reconsider posting that video of you dancing on ABBA.

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