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In this program, we train and coach the next generation of leaders and professionals within the financial sector. We boost your knowledge and skills within 24 months to the maximum and give you all the guidance you need. In this way, we can help you to create your own future.

The ultimate goal is to accelerate your development in order to be ready for your desired career move as a high-end senior specialist or manager. You start this challenge together with us, the client and other Young Talents in your team. And we can guarantee you a high level of expertise in both training and working environment.

training program

One day in the week you work in-house, in our office. Not to work for our client, but to follow a personalized coaching and training program. Together with your Young Talent Team. In these 24 months, you work on your personal skills as well as your technical skills. With professional training of course.

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Leave a message on the bottom of our page and  our recruiters will provide you with more information about our training program. Who knows, maybe we have a cup of coffee together soon.

module examples

  • Business Development
    Become that professional. Develop a professional character with tools to navigate in different business environments.

  • Personal Development
    Give the presentation your manager sure will remember. Learn how to brand yourself (offline and online), manage your energy, and make that presentation an experience. Shortly, develop your personal skills to a next level!

  • Technical Training
    Master every programming language you want. Develop your technical skills. You can become a pro in Python, SAS, SQL, Basel IV, and many more!

  • Time Management
    What we all need these days. Learn how to divide your time and energy efficiently. What works for you and your projects? And what are the different methods you can use? You learn the benefits of developing an agile workflow and many more topics.

Young Talent Positions

Quant modeller

Do you have the guts to ensure that our clients make informed, data-driven decisions? Do you see that models are essential for the survival of banks and insurers?

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finance expert

Are you also convinced that manual repetitive actions should be done differently? And you like your day better when you can automate financial processes?

Read more

Data expert

Do you want to know the story behind large amounts of data? Do you see that data is at the core of the current financial system?

Read more

data manager

Do you enjoy working with data flows while coordinating and facilitating data processes? Are you energised by stakeholder management?

Read more

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