Expertise in Data, Finance, Analytics & IT

We offer a short and long-term influx of highly skilled consultants in the fields of data, finance, analytics, and IT.

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Entry level consultants

For the long term.

To ensure a sustainable contribution to your team, our junior data, finance, analytics, and IT consultants are perfectly aligned with current and future needs. To perfect the match, our people spend 4 hours a week developing their talents internally at our office.

The joint intention is a permanent position in your team after completion of the development program. That's why our programs are designed to develop our consultants to a medior+ position within two years, resulting in above-average productivity and engagement for our clients.

Experienced consultants

For the short term.

Our experienced medior and senior consultants in data, finance, analytics, and IT equip our client's team with the right skills and knowledge to meet urgent needs. In addition, our consultants are also trained in guiding other team members to prepare your team for future challenges.

In case we do not have the right skills and competences in-house we have our own large network of interim professionals. This ensures we can make your team succesful no matter the situation.

Where we excel

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysis consultants implement DQ controls, develop dashboards and monitor data quality in Power BI or more advanced software for our clients. Other projects focus more on translating business requirements into IT implementations or on investigating data flows and associated data lineage.

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Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics consultants are specialized in data analysis and data science. They aggregate data in SQL, SAS and Python, make pattern analyses and descriptive statistics and develop predictive models using common statistical and AI libraries.

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Financial Solutions

Our Financial Solutions consultants optimize reporting processes, deliver regulatory tax reports, manage financial and non-financial risks or trade complex derivatives for our clients on a daily basis.

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IT Engineering

Our IT and data engineers implement new data architectures in Azure, AWS and other cloud platforms to optimize data availability. Furthermore, they are specialized in compiling large, complex datasets and developing innovative solutions in a variety of coding languages.

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Quantitative Analytics

Our quantitative modellers and actuaries are trained to investigate the best methods for modelling risks, operational processes, actuarial provisions or pricing issues. They develop models for our clients in SAS, Matlab, R, and/or Python by means of regressions, AI algorithms, stochastic methods or other relevant techniques.

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Our track record


Active projects

Today we are involved in almost 70 active projects and trusted by more than 10 established Dutch top 200 clients.


Client satisfaction

More than 90% of our clients answer satisfied to very satisfied on the question ‘How satisfied are you with the services of Mploy Associates’.


Successful outflow

Virtually all of our junior consultants continue their careers in the client's team after successfully completing their development program.

Recent projects

Power BI visualization

For this project our data analysts were responsible for sourcing data to a datawarehouse and visualizing this data with Power BI. All with the ultimate goal to produce reports for both customers and internal management. The main result is a flexible environment with meaningful management dashboards.

Data sourcing in Azure

At one of our banking clients, our data engineers have been responsible for sourcing and analyzing big data sets for risk modelling and reporting purposes. Hence, we applied data quality analyzes, investigated the plausibility of the new data and ultimately provided these datasets to the risk modelling department.

Data monitoring in Python

For one of our asset management clients our business analysts were responsible for verifying, timely delivering and completing their performance data. We made sure that their data will remain GIPS compliant by setting standards, defining key requirements, and initiating company-wide meetings

Finance reporting in SAP

At the accounting department of one of our banking clients, our reporting analysts were responsible for the daily closing of all market products of the client. The main goal was to automate this reporting process and generate insightful and real-time visualizations.

Detecting fraud with SQL

In order to detect financial crime through real-time monitoring of transaction data, our data engineers have been involved in developing a data platform that can connect to existing and new sources from which other teams can obtain granular data.

Risk Modelling in SAS

During this project our quant modellers were responsible for the development of economic capital models for a banking client. By applying regressions and other stochastic methods on preprocessed data in SAS, we were able to deliver a validated model in time.

Interested in our services?

Before our consultants start working in your team, we initiate a client preboarding process to ensure a perfect match with your company, team and goals. Our client preboarding process consists of two phases: inventory and matching.

Phase 1 | Inventory

During the inventory phase we perform a business scan where we measure and evaluate the current skills, personalities and employee engagement in your team. Combined with your project planning, we develop a roadmap to fill and prevent current and future gaps in skills and personality.

This inventory phase usually results in a detailed business scan report and advice to become more successful as a data, finance, analytics or IT team.

Phase 2 | Matching

Based on jointly developed job profiles, we introduce professionals who match the personal, professional and technical characteristics discussed in the inventory phase. We aim to introduce our consultants within 5 working days to your team.

Our consultants hold at least one master's or PhD degree and demonstrate various professional and technical skills. Based on your input, standardized assessments are used to select the right expert for your team.

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