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interim projects for self-employed professionals

New challenge, new project

Join our network for self-employed professionals today.

Interim Positions

Projects you can work on

We offer unique projects in data, finance, analytics, and IT for experienced self-employed professionals. You will work independently or together with a team of our consultants on short term projects for 3-12 months.

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A network just for you

Discover the advantages of partnering with us for your self-employed journey. We connect you to a vast network of lucrative assignments, saving you time and effort. Benefit from our industry expertise for tailored matches that align with your career goals.

We handle negotiations, screen assignments and clients, and offer ongoing support throughout your engagements. Unlock exclusive opportunities and unleash your full potential as a self-employed professional.

Interim Positions

Frequently asked questions


How can I become part of the network?

Fill in the contact form of one of the roles below that fits your ambitions best. Within 3 business days we will contact you and to find out how we can partner in new projects.


What about the fees and terms of payment?

We are always fully transparent about the fee structure between you, us, and our client. In case we hire you directly, your invoices are paid within 5 working days.


Why not find a new assignment myself?

Partnering with us gives you access to a wide network of top 200 clients in the tech, finance and public sector. It saves you time and gives negotiation support which often results in a higher fee for you.

Just as important, we give you the opportunity to participate in our coaching and technical training facilities and give you access to our office for a well-equipped workplace and free lunch.


What kind of clients and projects?

Let's give a glimpse: from implementing DQ controls, developing dashboards and monitoring data quality in Power BI to aggregating data in SQL, SAS and Python.

From implementing new data pipelines in Azure to rapid application development. From optimizing reporting processes to delivering regulatory tax reports. From trading complex derivatives to developing quantitative models in SAS, Matlab, or Python. And much more.


At which locations do I work during a week?

As a self-employed professional you typically work 2-3 days a week at the client's office and 1-2 days from home. Furthermore, during your assignment you have full access to our office for a well-equipped workplace and free lunch.